Choose from three customizableĀ corporate team building programs.


Select the INSPIRE program if:

  • Your have a large group (100+).
  • You are seeking corporate team building events.
  • You prefer participation to be guided.
  • Your goals are mainly to increase unity, energy, and focus.

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Select the CONNECT program if:

  • You have a medium-size group (15-100)
  • You are seeking corporate team building activities.
  • You prefer participation to be creative.
  • Your goals are mainly to improve communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Select the RESOLVE program if:

  • You have a small group (4-15).
  • You are seeking executive-level corporate team building programs.
  • You prefer participation to take place over multiple sessions (4 to 6).
  • Your goals are to decrease tension, resolve conflicts, and find common ground.

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Corporations now know that using great team building programs improve the success rate, not only of the team, but of the overall corporation.

However, knowing how to build an effective team takes a set of skills that is rarely taught to the employees who would be in a position to utilize them.
There are two things to overcome with team building in the corporate environment. Unlike sports, where teams have to work together, corporations are usually very competitive among the employees. Sometimes people view their co-workers as competitors, are sometimes reluctant to interact in a constructive team setting.
In addition, employees are used to getting work handed to them by their boss and they tend to focus their efforts on the tasks that they believe will appease their boss the most.
In order to build a successful team it requires a major shift in these two patterns of interaction in the corporate world.
In a team environment, members of the team will help each other overcome obstacles and find new ways of accomplishing all of the goals set in place for the team. Collaboration among the team helps the team become more productive.
In addition, it is human nature to be social so this interaction makes the work place more enjoyable.
People who enjoy their work place are often far more productive.
Corporate Team Building Drum Circle programs are a highly effective way of introducing the revised shift in attitudes necessary for building teams.

The type of facilitation used can be a major factor. A too highly structured drum circle can emphasize the mindset of only just following instructions. The ideal type of facilitation to kick start or improve team building is one in which the participants are encouraged to improvise within the rhythm structure provided by the facilitator.
It is a direct parallel to the team improvising solutions to the group of tasks that the team needs to accomplish. Drumming immediately reduces stress and breaks down barriers between the participants.
The process will then bring the group back together in a nonverbal form of team interaction. The group learns how to listen to what is going on and responds to it in a way that adds to the total product. Once people do this in a fun setting, they can then carry it back to their regular work tasks, resulting in better communications and increased effectiveness. Corporate Team Building Programs